Wednesday, October 29, 2014



         Sir Ken Robinson's, how school kills creativity was really interesting, it had me thinking on other levels. He makes multiple points towards the end that make a person agree with him and or give school a second thought. Education was our common day to day thing as Ken put its. He heels that generations educated each generation to come. education was not necessary it wasn't here since the world began and its reasons weren't to better the children or learners but for some other purpose. ken noticed every school focused on the same thing. there are some arts and music and some other arts. one of his points was that what are america's values, and basically that this education will not benefit us in the future. he further focuses on the fact that people values academic achievements rather then creativity. creativity is now meaningless. An education system that makes creativity increase is associated with Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence. this theory gives eight single intelligence solve problems and discover the world. this theory correlates with his talk. the world around us is quickly evolving. we need to open our minds and evolve and think and do more then just the basics.

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